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To further and promote the craft of beekeeping
To advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.
BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency's (APHA) National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and supports Defra, Welsh Government and Scotland's Bee Health Programmes and the Healthy Bees Plan, which set out to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks. - Food and Environment Research Agency
Fera is a national and international centre of excellence for interdisciplinary investigation and problem solving across plant and bee health, crop protection, sustainable agriculture, food and feed quality and chemical safety in the environment.
BBwear is a family run business based in the UK, suppliers of bee suits and equipment.
Suppliers of bee suits and hive equipment. SUITS
Suppliers of bee suits, insect hotels and wildlife homes. SHERRIFF
Suppliers of bee suits and hive equipment. BELL HILL APIARIES
Offer a diverse range of Honey products, Apple juice and Beekeeping equipment available on both a local and nation wide basis. MICROSCOPES
Stock a wide range of light microscopes, stereomicroscopes, accessories, prepared slides, stains and reagents that are suited to the professional and amateur microscopist, as well as educational establishments, industry and research. WYNNE JONES
Beekeeping supplies, bottels and jars. HIVES
WBC and National hives, as well as other bee equipment and protective clothing. SOUTH
Glass jars, glass bottles and plastic containers. BEE SUPPLIES
Foundation and candle making supplies APIARIES
Wide range of beekeeping supplies BEEKEEPING
Polystyrene hives, frames and foundation BEE SUPPLIES
Wide range of beekeeping supplies
Wide range of beekeeping supplies THE BEEKEEPER
Wide range of beekeeping supplies BEE SHOP
Bee suits
Wide range of beekeeping supplies GARDEN
Link to a well written and illustrated blog on bees and other insects
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