Barnet and District Beekeepers Association
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Full Membership £31.00
Full Member with Partner £55.00
Full Member under 18 or over 75 £20.00
Associate Membership £15.00

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BDI Insurance
It is important to be fully covered for BDI - additions to your cover won't come into effect for 40 days after we've received your request to increase your cover. It's therefore wise to ensure you have cover for all your hives plus any possible increase in the summer (eg by swarming).

1 to 3 colonies (Included in Adult Full Membership)
4 to 5 colonies £2.00
6 to 10 colonies £5.25
11 to 15 colonies £7.75
16 to 20 colonies £9.50
21 to 25 colonies £11.10

BeeCraft Subscription
Print Version PLUS Digital £25.20
Digital Version only £16.60

I would like to volunteer to:
Help with refreshments To be on the BDBKA swarm collectors list?* Mentor a new beekeeper Help with the spring and autumn clearup at Whalebones

*To be on the BDBKA swarm collector list you must be adequately trained, registered on BeeBase and agree to your name appearing on the BBKA online swarm collector list

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I agree that my updated name and address may be forwarded to the National Bee Unit and BeeBase.

I agree that my name, postcode, e-mail address and contact phone number may be forwarded to officers of the association for beekeeping purposes only.

I agree to act in accordance with and abide by the Constitution of the Association and the Rules of the Association (You must tick this for us to process your membership renewal)

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Method of payment
Cheque by post - make payable to BDBKA and send to Membership Secretary, 21 Goodwyns Vale, London N10 2HA
Internet transfer
Internet transfer to BDBKA: Account No: 91471597, Sort Code: 40-37-19 - please fill in the transfer date and reference
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